Climate Change and US Law

An original post from Yasmin Sokkar Harker from March 2010.

This semester, I was asked to present a research class to students in a climate change and US law seminar. As I was doing some background reading, I realized that this topic has many more facets than I had initially thought. Climate change affects many areas of US law including SEC disclosure rules, tax law, rules regarding facility permits, insurance law, greenhouse gas reporting and much, much more. Some resources I found particularly helpful in putting together the presentation include:

Columbia Law’s Center for Climate Change Law:

This web site contains a treasure trove of information regarding climate change and US Law. The legislation and regulation trackers were particularly useful.

Climate Change Litigation Chart:

This handy chart outlines important climate change litigation in the U.S. Courts.

Updates for Global Climate Change and U.S. Law:

This web page acts as an update to Michael B. Gerrard’s book Global Climate Change and U.S. Law. It includes pdfs, podcasts, links and articles. I found the article about Massachusetts v. EPA particularly useful in giving me an overview of that important decision.

The EPA climate change web site:

This EPA page provides great information on EPA regulations concerning climate change, including regulatory initiatives for greenhouse gas emissions.

I was also happy to find a number of bibliographies on the topic:

Lang, Isa, Wrestling With An Elephant: A Selected Bibliography and Resource Guide on Global Climate Change, 100 Law Lib. J. 675 (2008)

This bibliography covers books, articles, websites, major legislation, and agency activity on climate change. I particularly liked the state by state analysis of responses to climate change.

Columbia Law School’s Legal Bibliography on Climate Change:

This recently updated bibliography covers scholarly articles in many areas of the law.

GlobaLex Climate Change Bibliography:

This bibliography covers articles in six different areas: Economics, International/Comparative, Jurisdictional issues, Law/Policy, Popular press, and Science

After writing this post, I found one more excellent resource for climate change research. The University of Chicago Law Library has a great guide which covers current awareness, article and book finding, and more. You can find it here:

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