International Law Research

There are increasing opportunities for finding free information about international law these days. Some of the possibilities include Juriglobe, GlobaLex and LLRX.

The University of Ottawa provides JuriGlobe which is a multilingual information data bank containing general information relating to the different legal systems in the world. It provides lawyers and businessmen with a simple device which enables them to have an initial overview of the applicable legal systems and the official languages which apply to the countries in which they may operate. It also provides a visual educational tool aimed at illustrating and encouraging the teaching of comparative and international law. It can be used to train and prepare students for their work in a globalized world. Be patient, it is an interesting site but it takes a long time for the pages to load.

Mirela Roznovschi announces to the Law-Lib listserv when there are additions to the repository of international, foreign and comparative law on GlobaLex. It’s an electronic legal publication dedicated to international, comparative and foreign law research.

Sure, you’ve used LLRX before…but have you noticed the list of articles about international and foreign law topics? There are International Law Guides as well as the Comparative and Foreign Law Resource Center.

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