Typography for Lawyers

Editor’s Note: Due to a technological glitch, authorship of this post is attributed to Jason Sowards.  Meg Martin is the author of this post.


I have been intrigued by typography since I learned how to write in cursive. This simply designed website about typography provides more than merely a discussion of which fonts to use for legal writing. It also answers questions of usage that I haven’t thought about since third grade, but I should give it more consideration to make my writing more clear and professional.

As artist/author/attorney Matthew Butterick says, “Good typography makes your written documents more professional and more persuasive.” As an example of bad typography, the author provides a picture of the November, 2000 Florida presidential ballot. Wow, now I understand how people could have made mistakes! Grievous typographic errors such as the ballot are not typical for attorneys, but being persuasive is a daily part of an attorney’s work life. This website includes a quick and dirty discussion (including examples) of how to improve legal writing. For further detail, be sure to read the article: Painting with print: Incorporating concepts of typographic and layout design into the text of legal writing documents, by Ruth Anne Robbins.

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