Social Networking for Legal Professionals

It’s been just over a week since I’ve returned from the AALL conference, and after catching up on e-mails I’ve just started thinking back on what I saw at the conference.
For starters, I learned more about Martindale-Hubbell Connected. I do remember hearing about this service–a social networking site for legal professionals– back in April when it made its debut. Law Librarian blog mentioned it and there were a few discussions about it on other legal blogs. 

Most of the blog commentary discussed its usefulness and its usability. One critic questioned the value of having a closed community for legal professionals and its lack of connection to substantive Lexis content. Another criticized its failure to keep up with Facebook and LinkedIn (especially its lack of applications) and its disorganization. Some have been frustrated with technical difficulties. A recent law school graduate suggested that invitations be accompanied with extensions on their LexisNexis accounts and integration into the LexisNexis research system. All in all, it seems people are still wondering what to do with it and wishing that it somehow plugged into the LexisNexis research system.

When Martindale-Hubbell Connected premiered, only private practice attorneys and corporate counsel were invited to join, but it has since been opened up to other legal professionals, including law librarians (there was a station dedicated to it in the exhibit hall). Perhaps as more people join, we will get a better sense of its usefulness. I recently signed up for an account, but have yet to fill out my profile. For some reason, I am having trouble uploading my profile picture.
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