Play Ball!

While browsing our new book truck, I came across the next book in the ABA series of “little books of.” This one is The Little White Book of Baseball Law, by John H. Minan and Kevin Cole. Not only is it the season for America’s favorite past time, it’s also time to get inspired for research problems as the new academic year rapidly descends upon us. It’s also just an enjoyable, short read.

The book discusses cases (with citations provided) relating to new stadium construction, ownership of baseball memorabilia, injured spectators, media contracts, and even cases about rules of the game of baseball. The book is divided into innings as opposed to chapters—how appropriate.

From the publisher, the book “is written in a short-story format with additional references to movies, songs, history, and other asides that will add to the reader’s enjoyment.” An example is a reproduction of the indictment against Barry Bonds for steroid use, included to stress the point that the market value of baseball memorabilia is tied to the reputation of the player to whom the memorabilia is related.

For those of you traveling to DC for AALL, the Nationals have a home game tomorrow night against San Diego at 7:05. Assuming my train arrives on time, I plan to go. Perhaps I’ll see you there!

Other books in the series include The Little Red Book of Wine Law (most recently reviewed by Heather A. Phillips for LLRX) and The Little Green Book of Golf Law.

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