Who’s tweeting about the law?

When I found out that our Clerk’s Office twitters, I wondered what on Earth they could possibly have to tweet about? I wish I could tell you, but, when I attempted to find out I learned that my Court’s Internet filter blocks Twitter. So it may be a mystery I never get around to solving! But, fortunately the filter doesn’t block Google. Therefore, I was able to do some Internet searching to find out if there are any other interesting Twitter accounts out there that I also can’t follow at work. I guess I just want to torment myself! Here are two URLs with fun lists of twitter accounts to consider checking out:

Are you a Twitter follower and don’t see your favorite listed? Please consider sharing it with your fellow RIPSters.

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One Response to Who’s tweeting about the law?

  1. Rita says:

    There are lots of good law commentators on twitter! Too many to mention them all. I follow many of the Legalbirds and lots of law librarians and law libraries, plus a few state entities, local and others.

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