Increased Information/Interruptions = Technology in the Workplace

Editor’s Note: Due to a technological glitch, authorship of this post is attributed to Jason Sowards.  Meg Martin is the author of this post.


“Hi…my name is Mike and it’s been five months since I stopped a conversation so I could check my Blackberry.” Jeff Stahler cartoon from NY Times on Sunday 6/8/2009.

Do you work with someone like Mike? Technology interrupts us more often now than we might have imagined a few years ago. The recently released “Technology Gap Survey” funded by LexisNexis measured the significant gaps that exist among generations regarding the use and application of technology in the legal workplace. These discrepancies can affect workplace etiquette and are causing a blurring of the boundaries between personal and professional tasks.

The most interesting piece of information for me was that Gen Y (the most connected group of workers) is the group of legal professionals most seriously concerned that the unrestricted use of software, hardware and the internet at work may not be good for their own workplace productivity.

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