Audience Response Systems

I have attended a few classes in which the instructor used an audience response system (also known as “clickers”), and I felt that they enhanced my learning experience. They definitely helped reinforce concepts from the lecture or clear up misunderstandings I may have had. Despite my positive experiences, I have yet to incorporate audience response systems into any of my workshops. I think the main reason for my reluctance is fear–fear of fumbling around with a new piece of technology, fear that they will start malfunctioning mid-class, and fear that the students will accidentally walk away with them.
An article from the most recent issue of Perspectives (Click to Refresh: Audience Response Systems in the Legal Research Classroom, by Pamela Rogers Melton) has encouraged me to rethink incorporating clickers into the classroom. While investigating the issue, I found some helpful materials online: a wiki article from the ALA Conference Materials Archive provides basic information and a nice bibliography; and an article in Educause Quarterly sets out the pros and cons of using them in library presentations.
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