Tax Law Tips

When it comes to tax law research, I love finding “research tips”– the more the better. I stumbled across the Tax 101 blog recently and was intrigued by its “research tip of the week” posts. Since it is a relatively new blog, there aren’t very many research tips on the blog yet, but I am bookmarking this one and looking forward to more.

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3 Responses to Tax Law Tips

  1. It doesn’t get a lot of use. But, I belong to an AALL listserv (TAX-LL) for Tax Law Librarians.Jennifer

  2. Kris Helge says:

    One interested in this type of research may want to check out this blog as well:

  3. Here’s a cite to an article that will be interesting to those inquiring minds that want to know more about tax research:Pratt, Katherine, Jennifer Kowal and Daniel Martin. The virtual tax library: a comparison of five electronic tax research platforms. 8 Fla. Tax Rev. 931-1009 (2008).

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