Last Call for Teach-In Kit contributions

Hello Fellow RIPSers! 


Since research instruction is our mission — you are our best target audience! So, we are making one last plea for you to contribute your most recent instructional support materials for publication in this year’s Teach-In Kit. We have received a number of good submissions but would like to see a greater variety of topics and material types. For some reason, we have not received any “fun” items, such as trivia, puzzles, or other games. Don’t forget, you can submit any material that promotes or supports legal research instruction! 


So, if you have something fresh or interesting lying around on your desk, we would appreciate the opportunity to evaluate it for the 2009 Teach-In Kit. Don’t delay — the Kit will “go live” on the RIPS web site later this month! 


Gail A. Partin
RIPS-SIS Teach-In Committee Co-Chair
Penn State Dickinson School of Law

150 South College Street
Carlisle, PA 17013
Ph: 717-240-5294




Jennifer Murray


RIPS-SIS Teach-In Committee Co-Chair


Superior Court Law Library, Maricopa County


101 W. Jefferson


Phoenix, AZ 85003


Phone: 602-506-3464



For more information see: National Legal Research Teach-In campaign web page:






Gail A. Partin


Associate Director & Law Librarian


H. Laddie Montague, Jr. Law Library


Dickinson School of Law


Pennsylvania State University


150 South College Street


Carlisle, PA 17013


Ph: 717-240-5294


Fax: 717-240-5127






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